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We toast our tipples to Martin Frobisher, that most fervent of fruiterers!

He sailed the 16th-century seas, discovering remarkable fruits which he bashed and bottled, to embolden his crew. His were unassuming, underestimated fruit tipples. Their raison d’rink? Courage without the Dutch!

And so rum became redundant, scurvy scarpered – and England was enriched by Frobisher’s formidable fruitage.*

*fabula veritatem maiora – never let the truth get in the way of a good story.



With over 70% of the earth surface made up from water, why wouldn’t we care. We are committed to never bottling in plastic, only glass and are endeavouring to remove plastic from our supply chain over the next few years. We’ve already made steps to replace bubble wrap, plastic straws and sample cups with recyclable alternatives for 2019 and we won’t just stop there.

This year we’re organising a local beach clean and we intend to have some fun along the way. We’ll keep you posted on our social channels of the summer event in Devon – feel free to get involved!



Charlie Martell, modern-day explorer and record-breaking seafarer, is another of our heroes. In 2019, he’s daring to become the first person to row solo across the North Pacific, wending his way from Japan to the USA.

It’s all in the name of charities that support veterans (Veterans in Action, the Allied Forces Foundation and the VC Gallery) and disabled people (Give them a Sporting Chance), to help them stay active and adventurous. Isn’t that ingenious?

We reckon so – that’s why we’re going all hands on deck to sponsor Charlie’s journey. Head this way to give him a generous swig of support!

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