Burning questions & waterlogged answers

  • Where do you stand on plastic?

    As our juices say, Martin Frobisher’s is “bashed and bottled” – and that’s always a glass bottle. We go to all lengths, at all times, to avoid the perilous use of plastic. At the moment, while we’re shipping our tipples to eager shops and thirsty bars, we pack them in cardboard trays with an outer plastic wrap. We’re hunting high and low for an alternative and, indeed, eagerly making every endeavour to reduce our use of plastic.

  • I’d like to stock your drinks. Can I?

    An almost unqualified Yes to this! Our tipples are purveyed by esteemed wholesalers across the nation – we entreat you to communicate with our Sales Team to find stockists in your area. You can join these fine fellows on email (try sales@frobishers.com) or by telephone on 0870 242 1989.

  • Where do I find your drinks?

    You’ll find Martin Frobisher’s tipples arrayed in splendour in the refrigerators of the finest taverns, bars and restaurants across the UK. In addition, you may enjoy them in a range of hospitable hotels, desirable delis, covetable coffee shops and other valuable venues.

  • Are all your tipples ready to drink?

    All our tipples are indeed ready to drink, with the exception of our Curious Cordials. For those captivating concoctions, we would heartily recommend the addition of the wettest water – still or, indeed, sparkling – and urge you also to consider mixing them with a good dose of a spirit of your choice for the perfect cocktail.

  • Do your drinks contain anything fake?

    To this, we say No, No and – resoundingly – No. We believe Nature is remarkable enough on Her own, so refuse artificial additives, colourings or preservatives. Instead, we place our trust in fine fruit and vital veg, botanicals and herbs.

  • What’s “Courage without the Dutch”?

    Dutch Courage is an elegant expression harking back to the 17th century and the Thirty Years’ War. It was said that troops from Holland, fighting alongside the English, drank heavily of old Jenever, or Gin, and consequently displayed a high degree of confidence in battle. “Courage without the Dutch”, therefore, is that confidence, but without the alcoholic assistance. We believe it represents the extraordinarily refreshing experience of Martin Frobisher’s tipples.

  • Can vegans enjoy your drinks?

    Yes! All our tipples are vegetarian- and vegan- friendly.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Assuredly, our glass bottles are fully recyclable. But why stop there, when there is the option of “upcycling” before you? Fashion a characterful candleholder, a vase for a pretty posy, a ship-in-a-bottle or what you will. And send proof of your artistic outpourings with our tag on Instagram…

    There is circa 20% recycled glass in each of our all our fine bottles (excluding cordials), this amount is the optimum to allow the glass to remain clear. Our curious cordial bottles have a higher percentage of recycled glass within them, coloured glass allows for more imperfections.

    Steel is the most widely recycled packaging material in Europe and can be infinitely recycled. That’s a shipload of screw on bottle caps!

    All our fruit tipples are transported in trays made from 70% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. We only use cardboard certified by the FSC.

  • Do I need to keep your drinks in the fridge?

    We recommend you serve your Martin Frobisher’s fruit tipple in a state of perfect chill, to ensure the highest degree of enjoyment. But don’t fear: they can happily be stored at room temperature.

  • Have any of your drinks won awards?

    We thank you for asking. Yes, we have in our possession a collection of awards demonstrating the avid enjoyment of our terrific tipples, among them the following: Great Taste, Taste of the West and the 2016 Britvic Zero Alcohol award. Please address any further commendations to our address, below.

  • How does your PR work?

    We’re overjoyed you’re interested. Our PR goes through the astonishingly talented Anya Wood – drop her an email on aw@anyawoodpr.co.uk.

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