Frobisher’s ship-shape ocean clean up

On Saturday 7th December we launched a group of valiant volunteers from the charity Fathoms Free from the shores of Fowey, Cornwall on a quest to clean up our seas. As part of our sustainability promise, we sponsored the team of sea fairing crusaders in the Paddle for Plastic campaign.

The Paddle for Plastic campaign aims to recover and recycle plastic and discarded rubbish from inaccessible parts of our waters. We fully support the charity’s ethos and the team of marine conservation volunteers who refuse to stand by whilst our seas turn into an inhabitable dumping ground.

Kayakers Rob and Nat together with their boat crew headed for waters of Lansallos, where the team spent five hours collecting floating rubbish, with the usual offenders – plastic bottles, buoys, polystyrene and oil containers.

​Rob Thompson, founder and chair of Fathoms Free and director of Odyssey Innovation said: “It’s really important to keep these inaccessible places clean, the lack of human activity often make them a haven for wildlife, this increases the risk to wildlife with entanglement, or ingestion of plastic even further.”

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Martin Frobisher’s for their very kind donation, enabling us to get our boat out for a Paddle for Plastic out of Fowey.”

As we continue our quest in a more sustainable future, we look ahead to supporting more worth-while causes in 2020.

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