Giving new mums courage without the Dutch

Having a new baby is magical and wonderful but it can also be the ultimate test in courage.  Courage in your ability, courage to trust your instincts, courage to love unconditionally when times seems tough and courage to make sure that you don’t isolate yourself.

We are proud to be partnering with the team at Mummy Social to host a fun mocktail making event with our Curious Cordials for mothers, their new babies and any little siblings.

When you are pregnant you become a designated driver! When that little bundle arrives, your chances to enjoy an alcoholic tipple or two consider to lessen as those nights ‘out out’ take a turn for the …well… sober.

Far from being the soft option, our range of Curious Cordials are the perfect partner for what we call ‘courage without the Dutch.’  This non-alcoholic cocktail event is designed to give you the skills to make a softer tipple at home that can still get the kitchen party started (who doesn’t love a good kitchen dance?) When the party is over you can rest in the knowledge of your newfound skills and our products being stocked at Waitrose nationwide!

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